Bangla Problem?

NOTE: We recommend you to download & install our bangla font package in order to view Unicode Bangla in any web site after properly configure your operating system.

Configuring your system for supporting Unicode Bangla

Be sure to configure your system if you are experiencing problem to view Unicode Bangla. Note that the unicode Bangla is supported only in Windows 2000 and Windows XP or Windows Vista. Win95, Win98, Win Me, WinNT or any other old version of windows does not support unicode Bangla.

Mac and Linux support the Unicode and you are able to view Bangla while it has configured correctly for Support Unicode and having necessary Bangla fonts.

Read this step by step guide about how to do this.

On Windows Xp

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

2. In the Language tab, select Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)

3. Click OK You may have to restart your computer.

On Windows 2000

1. Go to Control Panel, Regional Options

2. In the General tab, see the Language settings for the system

3. Select Indic from the list

4. Click OK. You may have to restart your computer.
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2 Responses to Bangla Problem?

  1. Sakib Al Mahmud বলেছেন:

    nice work…

    would u pls make your site’s title in bangla. and also u can make your sidebar in bangla. then i think it looks nice…

    thankx and keept it up

  2. aklim বলেছেন:

    thank you for your nice and valued comment. i will try to do the job.
    you are most welcome for further comments.

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